Information on logging in and creating courses for teachers

To log in to the Moodle Platform, teachers must use the Google Apps service in the domain. The account of this service is used to create a profile. 

A Google Apps account may have – see Article 1(1) appendix to the Rector’s Regulation No 76/14

An account for an employee / a conference may be created >>> here <<<The form is only for users who have an e-mail account in the domain. One may also create an account by visiting room 4/15 in the AITC building.

The capacity limit for all services in Google Apps is: no limit

To log in to the Moodle platform using an account in the Google Apps service, choose Log in with Google option

Picture: log in with google

Logging in to the platform for the first time using your Google Apps account creates the user profile on the Moodle platform. Account information may be supplemented by choosing the Modify profile option from the menu. Accounts containing false data will be deleted.

To create a new course, choose the option Order course – available on the main page – and complete the application form.

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Last modified: Tuesday, 22 October 2019, 11:30 AM