Login information for students

All UE Students have accounts in the Google Apps service at @edu.uekat.pl domain. The account of this service should be used to create an account in the Moodle platform. The full e-mail address is visible in the Virtual University in the tab Personal data -> Basic data cont.

To log in to the Moodle platform using an account in the Google Apps service, choose Log in with Google option

Picture: log in with Google

Logging in to the platform for the first time using your Google Apps account creates the user profile on the Moodle platform. Account information may be supplemented by choosing the Modify profile option from the menu. Accounts containing false data will be deleted.

NOTE: If you have problems with logging in to the Moodle platform, please check your account configuration in the Google Apps service. To do this: 

log in at https://poczta.uekat.pl entering the full e-mail address as a login in accordance with the following formula: first name.surname@edu.uekat.pl, when logging in for the first time, use the password to the Virtual University. Following the password change forced by the system, the account will be active.

If you encounter problems with the e-mail account (in the domain @edu.uekat.pl), please contact the administrator of the e-mail accounts: at adm.konta@uekat.pl or in person in room 4.15 in AITC.

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Information on Google Apps accounts.

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